6 Tips for Comfortable Classic Vintage Style Living Room Decoration

 InteriorPhotography.us - The classic vintage style living room is still loved by lovers of interior design. This interior style presents a warm and luxurious impression, and can build a comfortable atmosphere.

However, many people think that making a classic vintage-style interior design look is quite difficult. In fact, not really, you know. The basis of interior design with a classic vintage nuance lies in color and texture or motif.

In fact, you can also optimize the use of some antique household appliances to complement the room design.

So, How to Make a Classic Vintage Style Living Room Decoration?

So as not to get confused, consider some of the things that need to be considered when making this one family room decoration.

1. Choose warm natural colors

classic vintage style living room

The classic vintage living room features natural colors that seem warm, such as brown, orange, yellow, cream and a touch of green. These colors can create balance in the room, especially if you combine them with large windows and thick, matching colored curtains. You can use a brown sofa and a wooden table, then combine it with orange sofa cushions.

2. Use large wooden furniture

If you pay attention, the classic vintage living room always uses large wooden furniture to give a grand impression.

However, make sure to keep your space ready so you can move comfortably.

3. Present blankets and pillows on the sofa for comfort

You can also give a classic vintage living room a touch of comfort by adding a soft blanket. You can put an orange or yellow blanket on the sofa to make it look more aesthetic. Well, you can also add sofa cushions with various shapes and matching color tones, you know. Not only beautifying the living room, sofa cushions can also make you sit more comfortably.

4. Install patterned curtains

Patterned curtains or curtains are considered to make the room look too crowded. In fact, these curtains can make the living room look more classic, especially if you have a room with high ceilings and large windows.

Thick and wavy patterned curtains will make it look regal. However, make sure you choose a curtain color that matches the furniture in the room.

5. Use extra seating

Does your house often have guests or family gathering to chat and relax? If so, you need to prepare additional seating, such as benches, 1-seat sofas, and stools.
Choose seats made of rattan or wood so that the house looks more aesthetic, like our recommendations below.

6. Add vintage decorations

To build a classic vintage atmosphere, you need to add antique decorations, such as paintings, jars or vases, and uniquely shaped decorative lamps. Here are recommendations for vintage-style products that you can buy.

Those are some classic vintage living room decorating tips that you can emulate. Make sure to follow all the tips in order to create a magnificent and comfortable room. yes. Masadi.ID


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