6 The Best Types of Curtain Bangs You Need to Know

 Types of Curtain Bangs - Apart from being a room decoration, curtains are also a means of maintaining privacy in every home. Curtains are one of the media that must exist and are always used by every home. There are many types of curtains on the market, one of which is quite a favorite is the fringe curtain. This curtain has many variants ranging from color, style to type. Here are some types of curtain bangs that are popular and commonly used.

Simple Curtain Bangs

Simple Curtain Bangs

The first type of curtain bangs is the simple curtain bangs. Just like the name suggests, this one fringe curtain does have a fairly simple concept with a not too fancy display of colors and patterns. Simple curtain bangs are usually widely used or applied in minimalist home concepts because the model and appearance are more suitable. This type of curtain bangs usually looks quite simple with a few patterns or even none at all which makes it look like it has simple colors and patterns but still looks beautiful.

Even though it is called a simple fringe curtain, it will still display a different feel in the house. Simple bangs curtains are one that is quite in demand and is widely used, especially in Indonesia. This is due to various factors, for example, the price factor where simple fringe curtains have a cheaper market price than other types of fringe curtains. These curtains will look more elegant if the color selection is combined or equated with the color of the walls of the house or the color of the majority of a house.

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Minimalist Curtain Bangs

Minimalist Curtain Bangs

The next type is almost the same as a simple fringe curtain, namely a minimalist fringe curtain. Why say minimalist? Because the concept of the curtain itself is very minimalist in appearance, seen from the pattern and color and the type of fabric itself. Usually these curtains use a different type of fabric than other curtains by using the minimum possible type of fabric. Minimalist and simple home designs use many types of curtain bangs on this one as well as the previous type of curtains, namely simple fringe curtains.

As with simple fringe curtains, minimalist fringe curtains are widely used in Indonesia. The price is indeed cheaper than other types and the types of color patterns are also simple, and most don't even have patterns, only consisting of a combination of colors. If combined with the color and decoration of the room, this type of curtain can still convey the beauty side.

Deep Curtain Bangs

Deep Curtain Bangs

The next type of curtain bangs is the deep curtain bangs where these curtains can see through the outdoors but indoors they can also be seen if the curtains are not closed. These curtains have a variety of colors and patterns, usually the colors and colors are combined thoroughly, meaning that all sides of the curtains have the same color and pattern. Suitable for all home or building designs. The colors and patterns of these curtains are very attractive, making the room more lively and elegant with its own unique concept.

Deep fringe curtains are usually made with good quality and durable fabrics. Many homes use or apply the use of these curtains and when combined with the color and design of the room it will add an elegant side because indeed all the concepts of fringe curtains are different from other types of curtains. The use of these curtains is adjusted to the needs of the room and also the wishes of each.

Outer Curtain Bangs

Outer Curtain Bangs

There is a type of curtain bangs inside and there is also a type of outer bangs where the concept of this curtain is the opposite of the curtain bangs inside. In terms of style and color design, the outer fringe curtains are not much different from the inner fringe curtains, which means that the patterns are very diverse with a blend of colors and patterns that blend together.

Elegant with this type of fabric which is also of good quality combined with the color of the outer curtain fringe which is not too flashy but tends to be on the warm side and can be combined with all kinds of room colors. At first glance, the inner and outer bangs have no difference.

As a type of curtain fringe that is quite popular in Indonesia, there are many outer fringe curtains sold in the market. This curtain is one that is also often found in various places, houses and buildings. Being able to blend with various room concepts makes it flexible, coupled with elegant and unobtrusive patterns and colors. It can be applied in various room or home concepts, both minimalist and modern.

Wave Curtain Bangs

Wave Curtain Bangs

Wave curtain bangs are a very elegant type of curtain bangs with the same concept as the name, which is wavy. This curtain pattern features wavy elements combined with warmer, more subdued colors. With a unique pattern, it makes the room paired with these curtains livelier and more elegant, of course.

Wave fringe curtains have many color choices and usually the colors that are not at all flashy combined with the wavy patterns make it look unique.

Wave curtain bangs can be applied to various room concepts and the matter of choosing colors can be adjusted to the room. Every room that is given these curtains will feel livelier and more different, that's what makes these curtains one of the most chosen. There is no need to question the design and color patterns for wave fringe curtains, and the price itself is above minimalist fringe curtains and simple fringe curtains. This type of curtain bangs can be adapted to all room conditions.

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Curve Curtains Bangs

The next type of curtain bangs that has an elegant and warm concept is curved curtain oni. The color is warmer and less flashy, giving a firm impression wrapped in a unique pattern that is so attractive to look at. If installed in a room that has the same color scheme, it is guaranteed that the room will look very elegant and make it look very comfortable. The concept of style and color is different from other types of fringe curtains, making it a very appropriate choice to make a room look more luxurious.

As can be seen from the explanation regarding the pattern and color, curved fringe curtains are one that is widely used not for curtains in general but also for additional decorations that make the atmosphere of the room look different. Using this type of curtain is guaranteed to add to the decor of the room. Appropriate for use in a luxurious, elegant and unique room concept.

That is the type of curtain bangs that is quite popular in Indonesia in particular. Everything does have its own characteristics and has its own concept, but still, the type of fringe curtain is a type of curtain that will give a different impression and touch in every room. It's worth trying to apply the use of your own fringe curtains in various rooms and see for yourself that any type of fringe curtains will give a different feel.


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