3 Tips for Choosing Aesthetic & Quality Kitchen Curtains

 InteriorPhotography.us - Kitchen curtains are often used to cover under cabinets. The goal is to cover a storage space that does not have a cupboard door. Besides that, these curtains can be an aesthetic decoration that beautifies the kitchen.

Tips for Choosing Kitchen Curtains

There are several materials that are recommended for kitchen curtains. Apart from the material, there are also points that need to be considered in choosing curtains as below!

1. Materials for Kitchen Curtains

Kitchen Curtains Design

There are many choices of curtain materials that you can adjust to your tastes and needs. If used for windows, you can choose transparent curtains so that sunlight can enter.

Meanwhile, opaque curtain material can be used as a cover under the cabinet. The following are recommendations for the curtain material in question:


Linen is made of natural fibers with a wavy appearance. Visually, linen can make a room appear more spacious and relaxed.

Linen has the advantage of not blocking sunlight. Its nature is like silk which tends to be easily penetrated by sunlight.


For a dry kitchen with a luxurious concept, you can rely on velvet. This material tends to be thick and heavy so it blocks cold air, light and sound.

Perfect for covering exposed cabinet areas. The material is made of natural or synthetic fibers. In addition, compared to flammable polyester, velvet is much safer when used as curtains in the kitchen area.


Cotton is very common as a curtain material, especially when it is suitable for all home styles. The nuances it presents are fresh and clean, making it perfect for both traditional and modern kitchens. Cotton is woven tightly and neatly, the material does not block sunlight, so it is suitable as a window curtain in the kitchen.


Vitrase is characterized by sheer, translucent fabrics. Vitrase material can be for kitchen windows so that Pins when cooking can see the view outside the house.

Blackouts & Semi Blackouts

Medium transparency level is in semi blackout. The material is between vitrase and blackout materials. Even though the room is covered with curtains, the sun's light can still seep through.

Meanwhile, blackout curtains will block sunlight from entering the room. Blackout gives the room a more private impression. Pins can use it as a partition between the kitchen and other rooms.

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2. Curtains Model

Kitchen Curtains Model

There are two types of curtains available on the market, namely the type of panel pair and single pair. The difference between the two curtain models are:

Pair Panels

Pair panels are often also called double curtains. The reason is that there are two separate curtains that reinforce the classic style of the kitchen. This model is especially recommended for kitchens with large windows.


If the cooking room is small, then a single pair is perfect for the kitchen. This curtain model only uses one curtain so that it opens from the right or left only.

Best Color

The choice of curtain color can be adjusted to the interior theme that is carried. Pinns can wear plain colors or patterns.


If the kitchen tends to be minimalist then you can use neutral colors. For example, white is suitable for rooms with high ceilings. The impression is luxurious and elegant and suitable to be combined with other colors.


Apart from white, other bright colors such as yellow, sky blue and light green can liven up the room. The kitchen will feel livelier and fresher especially if you place it as a window curtain.

Flower Motif

For curtains under the cabinet it is better to use floral motifs. The motive is able to cover the part you want to hide well. Besides that, it can also function as a monotonous cabinet decoration.

Stripe / Gingham

Other motifs that Pins can try are stripe or gingham. Simple motifs in the form of stripes will be able to disguise food stains. Food splashed onto the curtains will not be immediately obvious.

3. Kitchen Curtain Hook System

Kitchen Curtains

For the curtain hook system itself, it consists of 4 categories, one of which can be seen as follows:

Rings / Smoke Rings

Ring is a hook that has a ring on the top of the cloth. The point is to make it easier to open the curtains when cooking. While the smoke ring, the hook tends to be a ring made of iron or stainless.

The curtain will be perforated and then covered with a smoke ring which has a function as a path for the curtain rods. A kitchen with this hook model will be able to display beautiful folds.

Top Tabs

Tob tab hook system relies on adhesive. Its function is to be able to remove and put the curtain back on.


If the kitchen has a large size, it would be more fitting to use a manual installation such as a track. This model has a control technology that relies on remote control operations.

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DIY Curtains

DIY Kitchen Curtains

Curtains can also be made by yourself using the remaining fabric. Pins only need a curtain rod, a piece of cloth and a clip.

First fold the top and bottom edges of the fabric. Sew by hand then make a slit for the door in the middle of the curtain. Give a closing clip and use the ruffle technique on the top of the curtain.

That way the curtains will look like curtains. DIY curtains are perfect for covering under the kitchen. The cloth is left to dangle covering the entire pit.

Quality kitchen curtains are certainly adjusted to the material. If used as a window curtain should not block sunlight from entering. Curtains are also non-flammable.


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