6 Minimalist Kitchen Trends with Beautiful and Aesthetic Underlay Curtains

  Minimalist Kitchen With Underlay Curtains - Many of us still use cast kitchen models with ceramic surfaces. The cast kitchen table model has proven to be strong and durable in the long term. The bottom of the cast table can also be used to place some kitchen furniture. So, to make it look neater, we can cover the bottom of the table with a beautiful curtain or curtain under the kitchen. There are various interesting models of curtains under the kitchen. But, make sure you choose curtains that fit and match the look of the kitchen you are carrying. If you need inspiration for a minimalist kitchen arrangement with under curtains, see the review of 6 Minimalist Kitchen Trends Using Beautiful and Attractive Under Curtains below! Green and White Minimalist Kitchen with Fresh Tropical Curtains   kitchen. The green paint looks great paired with a white backsplash. Cute stickers are also installed to make the kitchen more attractive. Likewise the selection of cutlery in matching green color

17 Elegant Simple and Minimalist Curtain Models

  Elegant Simple and Minimalist Curtain - On this occasion, we will provide some inspiration for simple and minimalist elegant curtain models for all of your homes. Various models are suitable for simple and minimalist occupancy. With the selection of patterns and colors, it makes the house feel more spacious and cool. Apart from that, from the various inspirations below, you can also get design ideas, whether plain, with bangs, patched, or like a certain style. Elegant Minimalist Curtain Model Some of the minimalist curtain color variants below, namely dark gray, colorfull, and cream. For now, dark gray is the favorite color for the house. Plain Gray Minimalist Curtains Even though they appear so simple, plain minimalist curtains can be relied upon to make a room look sweet and spacious. In choosing the color, neutral colors are the best colors to use, for example white, gray or black. For the combination, choose a plain toll. The combination of the main curtain and this plain transp

6 The Best Types of Curtain Bangs You Need to Know

  Types of Curtain Bangs - Apart from being a room decoration, curtains are also a means of maintaining privacy in every home. Curtains are one of the media that must exist and are always used by every home. There are many types of curtains on the market, one of which is quite a favorite is the fringe curtain. This curtain has many variants ranging from color, style to type. Here are some types of curtain bangs that are popular and commonly used. Simple Curtain Bangs The first type of curtain bangs is the simple curtain bangs. Just like the name suggests, this one fringe curtain does have a fairly simple concept with a not too fancy display of colors and patterns. Simple curtain bangs are usually widely used or applied in minimalist home concepts because the model and appearance are more suitable. This type of curtain bangs usually looks quite simple with a few patterns or even none at all which makes it look like it has simple colors and patterns but still looks beautiful. Even thoug

Best Patterns For Kitchen Curtains

  Kitchen Curtains - Window treatments can be finicky. Finding the right pattern in the right fabric, not to mention the right size. With so many elements, kitchen windows are often stuck with skimpy blind sets or discarded floral curtains. With so much going on in the kitchen, no one would notice, right? Wrong. Kitchen curtains will have a big impact on the feel of your kitchen, just like any other room. And you definitely want your kitchen to feel like home, especially in a room where you spend so much time. So, to help you make your kitchen feel more welcoming, here are the top 10 kitchen curtain designs to get you started. Many times when people think of patterned kitchen curtains, they think of pets. And they are right! There are many models of farm animals out there today that look nothing like they came from your grandmother's kitchen. Classic and chic, stripes are a great choice for curtains anywhere in your home, even the kitchen. They would perfectly fit into a farmhouse

3 Tips for Choosing Aesthetic & Quality Kitchen Curtains

Image - Kitchen curtains are often used to cover under cabinets. The goal is to cover a storage space that does not have a cupboard door. Besides that, these curtains can be an aesthetic decoration that beautifies the kitchen. Tips for Choosing Kitchen Curtains There are several materials that are recommended for kitchen curtains. Apart from the material, there are also points that need to be considered in choosing curtains as below! 1. Materials for Kitchen Curtains There are many choices of curtain materials that you can adjust to your tastes and needs. If used for windows, you can choose transparent curtains so that sunlight can enter. Meanwhile, opaque curtain material can be used as a cover under the cabinet. The following are recommendations for the curtain material in question: Linen Linen is made of natural fibers with a wavy appearance. Visually, linen can make a room appear more spacious and relaxed. Linen has the advantage of not blocking sunlight. Its na

5 Types of Window Curtains You Need to Know

Image - Although less attention is paid, window curtains have an important role at home. In addition to beautifying the room, curtains or blinds also block sunlight and provide the privacy you need. Window curtains are divided into several types with different functions, so you need to choose according to your needs. The following are 5 types of window curtains with functions you need to know. Room darkening window curtains When you want a quiet downtime undisturbed by the sun or peeking outside, room darkening window curtains are the way to go. Window curtains that darken the room keep most of the light out and provide privacy both day and night by blocking outside views. Apart from blocking sunlight, room darkening window curtains can also minimize the flow of cold air and hot air from outside. You can place room darkening window curtains in the bedroom so that the atmosphere in the room feels more comfortable to rest. Combine the use of room darkening curtains wi

6 Tips for Comfortable Classic Vintage Style Living Room Decoration

Image - The classic vintage style living room is still loved by lovers of interior design. This interior style presents a warm and luxurious impression, and can build a comfortable atmosphere. However, many people think that making a classic vintage-style interior design look is quite difficult. In fact, not really, you know. The basis of interior design with a classic vintage nuance lies in color and texture or motif. In fact, you can also optimize the use of some antique household appliances to complement the room design. So, How to Make a Classic Vintage Style Living Room Decoration? So as not to get confused, consider some of the things that need to be considered when making this one family room decoration. 1. Choose warm natural colors The classic vintage living room features natural colors that seem warm, such as brown, orange, yellow, cream and a touch of green. These colors can create balance in the room, especially if you combine them with large windows and